Leadership Development

Every year, each Ticktocker class has a variety of different focuses. Beginning in 7th grade, the Tictockers explore friendship and etiquette by learning about event planning and social networking etiquette. They focus on hunger in our community. In 8th grade, they learn about high school preparedness, work on confidence through positive self-image training and learn basic life skills, including simple cooking. This class focuses on the needs of senior citizens.   As 9th graders, the girls practice time management tools and learn basic skills in first aid/CPR as well as fitness, nutrition, and stress management. They focus on military support. The 10th grade Ticktockers learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, prepare for future employment by leaning interview skills, and learn about personal safety/rape prevention. This class focuses on youth services in our community.   In 11th grade, the Ticktockers focus on college preparedness with information on college applications, scholarships, and career choices. In addition, they receive independent living training on car maintenance, female health, and money management. They focus on projects for people with special needs. Lastly, the senior class further trains on independent living skills that will help them in college and future jobs.

Each Ticktocker class has Board Officers and Committee Members and they learn to run their own meetings.